Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where Do You Live?

I saw this T-Shirt on an old man at Cracker Barrel as I was eating breakfast this morning with my family. Obviously, I had to approach him and ask him if I could take a picture of his shirt. At first glance, I thought it was one of the funniest T-Shirts I’d ever seen. My kids think I am so weird when I do stuff like this. They are probably dead on ;) I could’ve taken the picture without him knowing but I thought that would have been rude. They looked like a fun group so I humored him by telling him how much I liked his shirt. When I asked him if I could take a picture, he told me that he thought I was coming up to him to complain about it like everyone else has done. Seriously? He said I was the first person to tell him I liked the shirt. Everyone else had told him how inappropriate it was and that it was offensive. You have to be kidding me? Offensive? Inappropriate? That’s funny. People need to loosen up a little bit.

As I thought a little more about this silly little T-Shirt, I thought about how these street signs could represent where a lot of people you know live. You might even live at one of these streets?

Where do you live? Bite Me Blvd? To me this is a place where people don’t worry what others think about them. They are very secure in who they are and aren’t afraid to just be themselves. They don’t actually go around saying bite me, but this is there attitude. What about you? Are you so concerned with what everyone thinks about you? Be honest. I have to admit, there has been a time in my life when I tried to please people and got significance from how others viewed me. For some of us, this is how we were wired. It’s a natural thing to want the approval of others. But, I’ve learned in my old age how that’s not so important. It’s not who you are to others, it’s who you are to yourself and your closest family and friends.

Maybe you live at No Frickin’ Way. This is hilarious! I bet this is a great place to live. I imagine this is a neighborhood that prides itself on the marvel of wonder. Do you find yourself saying, “No Way” or “Really” often or are you always negative. Or do you doubt everything and everybody? Do you trust people? I for one believe that trust is critical when it comes to happiness. A life of distrust is a miserable place to live. Having children has taught me the idea of wonder. It’s a beautiful thing. Do you have dreams? Do you set goals for yourself? Do you imagine or marvel in wonder?

Where do you live? I know some of you are thinking that this is silly and you might not get it. I thought the shirt was cool, funny. Maybe? Maybe to some of you, maybe not. Think about where you live. Do you need to move?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Ole Charity Rides

Charity Rides are the backbone of the cycling community. There are way more people that just ride for the fun of it, for the love of the bike, than there are serious race snobs. No offense to the race crowd, I'm a wanna be. In fact, more power to you. If I had more time or made more time, I would be there every weekend racing too. I love it! I've actually attempted to race a couple races in the past, not this year but in the past two years, I've probably raced 7-8 races. I can say with pride that I finished in the top 10 in most of them. I think 4th was the highest I finished in a Crit one time. I'm actually looking forward to racing next year. I'm on a strength kick right now and plan to implement a strict base period this Winter.

I got my start doing the MS 150 here in beautiful East Tennessee. We left from Verizon on Gunbarrel Rd and went North to Sweetwater and back the next day. Those were the good ole days. Since then I've done so many centuries I can't count as well as standing Bicycle Shop rides and rides with friends. Probably the single best thing I did to help me compete or to keep myself in good cycling shape was my decision to be a Spinning Instructor. 3-4 times a week in the gym really helps my ability to ride and at times ride strong.

This past week-end I rode in the Open Arms Care Bike Challenge. open Arms Care is an organization that houses and assist special needs adults in the surrounding area. Great ride for a great cause. My friends wife just got a bike and has only been riding for a couple months now. Several of us planned to do the ride but when it was all said and done, it was just the three of us. Because of soccer and football it was perfect timing wise for us to only do the 28 mile option. We had so much fun. It had been a long time since I'd done a ride like that and not tried to throw a lung. It felt awesome to just ride. No worries about heart rate, nutrition, hydration, none of that, just riding with friends. So with that said, thanks guys. I needed that. Chris and Cindy are pictured above. They are true bike snobs in terms of gear. Chris has a Cervelo R-3 (decent bike ;)) with Zipp 303's and Cindy has a new Orbea Orca. Sweet rides! Here I am riding down the road. The fog was so bad I had to take my glasses off. They were so fogged up I could see better without them, and that's scary. I looked like a dork but guess what, I was having a BLAST.