Thursday, March 26, 2009

Could Have, Should Have, Would Have

Check out this website. I have already committed to go to Miami at the end of May to the World Spinning and Sports Conference (WSSC). While eating breakfast this week-end, my wife looked at me and said "is it too late to get out of your trip to Miami?". I really didn't connect the dots but she went on to say that because I was turning 40 this year, she thought it would be a great early present to go to Italy and ride the first five stages of the Tour of Italy. I almost spit my grits and coffee all over her. After thinking it thru, I decided that it was a little too late in the game to switch gears. Talk about a tough decision. I am looking forward to going to WSSC and I'm sure I will get a ton out of it. However, riding in Italy would likely be the coolest thing EVER, not to mention it is for a great cause. Check out this site


  1. I better see your booty at Miami!

  2. I'm there! I even recruited one of my buddies to come with me. He's got orientation May then the conf. He just moved from Miami to Nashville last month. He just decided to get his Spin cert. What classes are you taking? Most of mine are with Jen Sage and related to the psychology of sport.